Monday, January 23, 2012

kadang-kadang lupa..

after read the above article..
perlu refresh blk niat skang nih..
slalu hampa dgn diri sendiri..
bila org kate belajar jauh2 and then jd housewife jer..
rasenye daitai dgn mmbr2 yg len..
aku sorang je yg jd full-time housewife kot..

suka sgt bile bc perenggan nih dlm article nh..

The first three years is the most critical time in a child’s development; he or she will learn more in the first year than in any other period of life. The first year of a child’s life has been identified as
a time when ‘basic trust’ was established through the mother’s consistent responsiveness to her child’s needs. In the 1950’s, studies of infants in hospitals and foundling homes documented the devastating effects of maternal deprivation and pointed to the importance of attachment. Attachment refers to a biologically determined tendency of a young child to seek proximity with the parent during times of stress and also to the relationship that allows securely attached children to use their parents to reestablish a sense of well-being after a stressful experience. Insecure attachment may be predictive of later behavior and learning problems.[1]
I’m sure that all mothers have witnessed this in their child: He falls and bumps his head then runs to mama for a few hugs and kisses, and after that he is on his way. He needs this reassurance in order to develop into a strong, confident adult.