Wednesday, November 24, 2010

bleeding case..

it's already 7 weeks and 5 days..almost 2 months..
nothing strange things happen lately..
only one bleeding case..which was happened on the hari raya aidiladha day..

we are on the way to went back to terengganu..(kg halaman my hubby)..
from my mom's kg. halaman at sg. merab..
we (my hubby, I, esah, amsyar and wan) were already at gombak area Esso gas station..
when I went to the public toilet there..
suddenly..I'm very shocked when it's bleeding..

without any wait..i tell mr.hubbby and we checked the nearest area clinic..
however there were none..huuuu~bcoz of the public clinic were opened..
so we get back to keramat area..lucky..alhamdulillah there are one clinic open..
but the doctor said that they have no medicine for the bleeding..
and she suggested to go to hospital quickly..

decided to go to GH..and my hubby know that it must take time there..
so we sent my adeq2 and his cousin to my dad house at AU1..
there..we was commanded to bhgn hospital bersalin..
at first I feel lucky bcoz the hospital was not "konderu" (ramai org)..
but..after over 1 hour waited for the doctor..
the lucky feeling just flew away..haha..
they said that doctor is busy in the labor room..naruhodo~ 

before do any check up..the nurse and doctor asked lot of questions..
not really remember the questions actually..
then they did the check up..
and i don't know what to say when first saw the scanning result for our baby!!!!
my hubby asked for the copy and we get it!!
our baby is so small and we only see something that know the baby alive by its heart beat..
alhamdulillah..our baby is fine..
the doctor said that sometimes bleeding is a common things that will happened to pregnant  woman.. still a must to quickly see the doctor for any bleeding problem..
act fast before its too late..insyaallah..
semua yg berlaku dgn izin Allah..(biiznillah)..